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Room descriptions

16 standard rooms: 2 two-storey houses with 8 standard rooms each inside the island. No. 61-64 and 69-72 in the first floor as well as 65-68 and 73-76 in the 1st floor. The 3rd two-storey standard house with the numbers 93-98 isn't rented out any more, serves probes as official residences for the hosts.

60 father rooms: The rooms 9+10 (the east) and 59+60 (the west) are built as a double bungalow, the rooms 1-4, 5-8, 11-14, 15-18, 19-22, 23-26, 27-30 (1-30 eastern side), 31-34, 35-38, 39-42, 43-46 (31-46 southern side), 47-50 and 55-58 (47-60 western side), as four bungalows were built.

7 Maledive Islands garden of Villa: These individual bungalows which are stylish and fitted out beautifully can for a relatively low extra charge on a daily basis or you rent longer, too. These bungalows have no numbers but Maldivian names. The bathrooms are equipped more beautifully than in the father rooms and one has in addition a bathtub. 3 of these villas are attainable over the beach and to be more precise respectively on the left of the bungalows 18, 22 and 24. The remaining 4 Villas are attainable inside island over the lengthways way and to be more precise behind the Beach bungalows 15 to 30.

8 water bungalows: These 2005 finished new bungalows at the northern end of the island with the numbers 190-197 are equip as a 4 star category.

3 reef exit: The left reef exit (the northeast) is remotely from bungalow 1 about 100 m on the left, the middle reef exit (the east) is approximately 50 m away and is exactly between bungalow 8 and 9 and the right reef exit (the southeast) is about 70 m remotely, at an angle in front of the bungalows 27-32. At low tide are at the left and the middle reef exit the first 20-30 m too shallowly to swim, at high tide it is only about 10-15 m. You must walk for about 30-40 m at low tide at the right reef exit, at high tide however also only about 10-15 m. The distances are approximately valid up to the reef edge.

Situation of the bungalows: Since the island isn't big with 300 x100m, I would recommending the bungalows 35 to 48, because they lie quite near with the big sandbank with the 4 parasols and the 2 swings (exactly even in front of 39-46). In front of no. 47 a small beautiful beach section is a little shade with at times, not so windy, as on the sandbank in front of this exactly the sundown. Which bungalow you have not cares actually, because you goes from no-one up to the restaurant or to the bar not longer more than 4 minutes. You wants to lie in the sun, then south-sided rooms, if you wants to play volleyball, living near the house reef or watching the sunrise directly before 7 o'clock, then east-sided rooms and you wants to enjoy the daily sundown from the terrace, then you should take rooms on the side of the the west (if they are free and aren't renovated).



Although already 30 to 50% of the vacationists are Germans, everything is still almost written up in Italian, only some in English and hardly anything in German, but there is Angelika, the charming German Guest Relation Manager :-)

Most regular evening shows and games were held in Italian and only on Fridays, in the Boduberu evening, Alex, the Austrian of the diving base, explained everything to us also in German :-(

No drinks were (usually) served apart from mineral water without gas in the restaurant, because usually there was only with self-service. You pours himself to Coke, Fanta and Sprite from PET bottles and the white wine was stirred and cooled into juice machines :-((( Mostly, beer was poured but not served by the staff. Unfortunately, gave none red wine :-|

On the day before the departure, unfortunately, the mini-bar is already turned off in the morning and your own drinks put out so that they were already after 1 hour hot from the press. With that the staff had being able to let time until evening :-(

Per 14 minutes Internet US$ 7 cost. Since the computer and the modem is, however, rather old and slow (like mostly in the Maldives), 2-3 dollars are already used up before you are online. Are the 14 minutes exceeded, if also only minimal, another 7 dollars must be paid :-|

E-mails cost per piece of 2 US$ and you writes the mail on a piece of paper and hands her in in the reception. The manager then types her at the computer himself so that more address under "Bcc" (blind carbon copy) isn't possible. At several Bcc addresses one is advised better with the US$ 7 to Internet costs and write your mails at the online time :-|

On all extra expenditures, like Internet, souvenirs, excursions, drinks from the mini-bar etc., are only 5% service rank hit at the invoice, not 10%, as on many other islands.

The food, identical whether served or of the sideboard were always very good, unfortunately, but sausage and cheese were often out fast. The desserts were also very good, but in a lower choice than you are used to it of some other islands :-(

Windsurfing and canoe drive with Ai is completely free only the catamaran costs charges :-)

A fantastic voice had the live singer in May 2004, also an Italian, and often sang in the bar. It was no double-tracking but Karaoke. The music comes from the CD but the song was extremely good!

For 20 US$ surcharge per day on the superior bungalow or US$ 30 per day on the standard bungalow you can rent one of the 7 "Maldives garden villas" no matter whether for 1 day for several days or be for the whole vacation. Each of these individual bungalows is surrounded by a 2 m high coral wall why although these rooms don't have any view of the sea however, uniting a relatively big shady garden with terrace! It distributes 3 villas with receipt of the beach : and 4 villas with entrance over the lengthways way inside the island :-)

Differing from the Jahn catalog akolholische drinks are available in the Main bar only from 1 p.m. to 0 p.m., after 0 p.m., in principle, you must pay. All drinks out of the mini-bar also have to be paid separately, just the same, as mineral water into plastic bottles which is available cooled in the bar. With AI all drinks in glasses are completely freely, as well all cocktails, as far as the ingredients are just available! :-)

During the lunch an host goes with an entry list for the excursions of the next day through daily. Attention, at least 4 adult persons must take part in the boat excursions. Children from 2 to 12 years pay only 50%, Children less than 2 years nothing at all. :-)

There are little snack meals and non-alcoholic drinks in the coffee shop, he is opened only of 10-13 hours and 16-18 hours, though. A little ice lollipop (Eskimo/Langnese, but among other brand names) cost US$ 3, a Magnum US$ 4. Furthermore there is a television set with an Asian sports channel and Italian video films (RAI) ;-)

One of the snorkel excursions also leads to Kandholhudhoo and there the reef already looks so beautiful again as it was before El Ninjo! You should go to the house reef of this island absolutely repeatedly but caution, please, a couple of young corals have broken by careless swimmers !!! The day excursion to Madivarhoo (Madivaru) is also very recommendable. Snorkeling alone and in the group in the morning, then the BBQ, idling after this a little idlingon the interesting island with the beautiful beach, snorkeling at the house reef in the afternoon once again (were I have photographed the imposing stone fish. On the return journey we snorkel at the terrific outer reef of the Kari Beyru Thila again, where I have taken the photo with the Nurse Shark. :-)

Please, if you could not understand all the texts, excuse my low knowledge of English.